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The rules and regulations hereinafter set forth shall be administered and enforced by the Board of Directors of by any committee appointed by the Board of Directors. The board of directors shall consist of the Officers and the Directors of the club.

Types of Members


              1.Honourary Members: The Club may appoint Honourary Life Members at a general meeting, but such Honourary Members shall take no part in the management of the club's affairs, their position shall be purely Honourary.


              2.Annual Membership: To be specified by application as a family or individual membership. A family membership shall have two votes.* Family consists of two permanent residents or more of the same household, must reside in the same household.



3. Life Membership: Life members shall be those individuals who have paid a life membership. Fee to be 10 times the regular fee.






1. Application for annual membership shall be in writing or in person. Each applicant on becoming a member shall be deemed to agree and be bound by this constitution and amendments thereto and all rules of the club, but the club shall have the power to reject any application for membership.




2. Every member shall be entitled to a certificate of membership in the club.



               3. The membership year and fiscal year of the club shall be January 1st to December 31st.



4. A member in good standing is a member who has complied with the regulations as hereinafter provided, and who is not in arrears of membership or other fees or dues or suspended.




5. All members in good standing shall, as a matter of contract and except as hereinafter provided, enjoy the same rights and privileges and be subject to the same liabilities as the original founders of this club. No member who is in arrears of membership or other fees or dues shall enjoy such rights and privileges.



6. No member shall hold office or be entitled to vote at a meeting or to give notice to amend this constitution if at that time is in arrears of membership or other fees or dues, and no applicant shall be entitled to vote until his application for membership has been accepted. A new member shall be a member for 30 days before being allowed to vote or to hold office.


7. The Board of Directors shall have the power to suspend or expel any member who fails to observe any rule or regulation set forth in this constitution, or whose conduct is, in the opinion of the Board, detrimental to the interests of the club. A member so suspended or expelled shall after the expiration of sixty days have the right to apply to the Board for re-in statement and shall, on application, be re-instated at the next meeting of the Board provided two-thirds of the members of the Board present thereat vote in the affirmative. If the Board refuses to re-instate a person suspended or expelled, such person shall have the right to apply for re-in statement by the next succeeding general meeting, but re-in statement by a general meeting shall be only by vote of two-thirds of the members thereat and voting.


8. On report of the Executive Committee of a charge against any person which may result in suspension or expulsion, the charge shall be laid before a meeting of the Executive Committee and the person so charged shall have fifteen days notice in writing of such meeting and be given the right to be heard.


9. Any Director or Officer of the club may resign during his term of office by giving written notice to the Secretary of the club. Such vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors until the next annual general meeting.



10. The members at any meeting called by vote of a majority of all the members of the club specifically for that purpose may remove from office any Director or other Officer. The members shall forthwith elect a replacement.


 11. The Board of Directors by vote of not less than a majority of the entire Board may remove from office any officer or member(s) of any committee elected or appointed by them and they shall forthwith elect or appoint a replacement for same.

 Membership Fees

Family - $20.00

Single - $15.00

Single Youth - $5.00

Lifetime -single fee X 10

Application may be mailed or will be accepted in person at club meetings and events.

Membership Application

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Benefits of Membership





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The right to vote at the Annual and Semi-Annual Club meetings


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May 31, 2023