New Brunswick Morgan Horse Club



The History of the

New Brunswick Morgan Horse Club

By: Bonnie Cail revised by Dawn Brown

The Morgan Horse is one of this country's most popular breeds and growing rapidly in numbers. In 1789 in New England, Justin Morgan (Figure) was born he was something exceedingly rare - a sole foundation of a breed. As the fame of this horse and his sons spread throughout New England, Maritimers started to notice at auctions and sales that the "get from Justin Morgan" brought premium prices. In the early 1800's, the Morgan was brought to Nova Scotia primarily for breeding purposes, this was prior to the official registration of horses, and therefore no record was kept of the numbers raised in the Province. Their offspring and the offspring of others imported into the Maritimes have spread from one end of the Maritimes to the other. Hugh McMonagle of Sussex Corner New Brunswick, a prominent businessman and politician in the mid-1800s introduced the Morgan Horse to New Brunswick.

In 1966, the breed had grown so much in number that the first Morgan Field Day was held in Kentville, Nova Scotia. This event brought about the birth of The Maritime Morgan Horse Club in March 1968 with 21 members. George Wade President, Roy Mosher and Lloyd Miller were first and second Vice Presidents. Myrna Chute was Secretary-Treasurer and Jim Meaghan was director.

From March 1971 to May 1973, the members discussed having New Brunswick form their own club but it was not feasible. It wasn't until April, 1980, after a lengthy discussion during a club meeting, that a secret ballot was held on disbanding the Maritime Morgan Horse Club and forming two separate clubs. The vote was 20 for, 10 against - motion passed. The money in the treasury was split between the two clubs after current debts were paid.

On April 27, 1980, the first meeting of the N.B. Morgan Horse Club was held in Sussex, New Brunswick. The officers elected were: Chris Duplissea President; King Hoyt Vice.-President, Diane Harding Secretary / Treasurer. There were approximately 22 family and individual membershipsat that time.

In 1981, the constitution for the club was decided, and the first calendar produced by the club was printed.

On May 31, 1981, Margaret Gardiner from Kennebec Morgan Farm gave an informative clinic in New Brunswick on driving, riding, long lining, and obstacle driving. At the 1981 fall meeting of the N.B. Morgan Horse Club, she was made an honorary lifetime member of the club.

Fall 1983 saw the formation of the N.B. Morgan Youth Club under the direction of Carolyn Jones.

At the Spring Meeting 1987, Lois and Ed Hoar were made lifetime honorary members. During the Spring of 1988 a sign was made for the club showing an outline of New Brunswick with a Morgan horse in the middle and the letters N.B.M.H.C around it. This emblem had become the club logo.

Our present (at the time of original document) membership is 45 individual and family members. There are two meetings yearly in the Spring and Fall, usually alternately between Fredericton and Sussex, New Brunswick. Each year the club organizes a spring clinic, a sleigh rally, a trail ride, a Morgan Demonstration Day and Open Barn Days. We also send members a newsletter four times a year. The present executives are: Francis Mitchell, President; Marie Freeman, Vice-President; Jacqueline Mitchell, Secretary; Allan Saunders, Treasurer.

The Club is an affiliate of the Canadian Morgan Horse Association in the Atlantic Zone.

Two very successful CMHA Conventions have been held in New Brunswick. The conventions consisted of the annual general meeting of the CMHA along with speakers, clinics, Awards Dinner/Dance and legendary hospitality rooms.


In 1982 the club decided to produce a 12 month calendar for promotion and fund raising purposes. Members had the opportunity to purchase a month submitted pictures and text for the page. From 1982 to 1988 the cover features artwork by Chris Duplisea. The Hasty Notes we sell presently also feature Chris's artwork.

In 1987 the first complete list of all the club members were added to the back page 33 members that year. In 1997 there were 84 members listed 51 more in 9 years.

In 1989 the club decides to feature photos of member's horses on the cover. In 1990 the cover was printed in colour.

In 1991 the McDonough Family began to purchase advertising for Buchtouche Pharmacy Ltd. and Kent Pharmacy Ltd. They gave the calendars to customers and friends promoting the Morgan horse and the family business.

In 2005 the due to climbing cost of producing the calendar the club decided not to continue with the project.

2005 was the last year published 68 members were listed on that calendar.

Horse Shows

In 1978 the first New Brunswick Morgan Horse Show a one day event was held in Oromocto. Still a one day show in 1980 it was moved to Pettitcodiac. In 1985, with the co- organization of the competition shared with the Arabian Club the show was extend to two days and became an Arabian Morgan Show. In 1990 the New Brunswick Morgan Horse Club took over organization of the show which remained an Arabian Morgan competition until 1990. The show returned to an only Morgan show remaining in Pettitcodiac for many more years until in 2005 when it moved to the Princess Louise Show Park in Sussex New Brunswick. In 2012 the show added an Arabian Horse Association Region 18 qualifying division and the show was renamed New Brunswick Morgan & Arabian Show.

In 2016 it was decided to only have one show which would be the Sunrise Summer Classic in July with Arabian and Morgan Divisions  EC Sanctioned Bronze plus none sanctioned Small Equine Driving and an All Breed Division.

New Brunswick Morgan Horse Show Judges 

1978 - Don Weston 

1979 - Marilyn Cox

1980 - Don Weston

1981 - Professor .John Goater

1982 -

1983 -

1984 - Kim Taylor

1985 - Dorina Fuller

1986 -

1987 - Lyman Orcutt

1988 - William Burns

1989 - Jill Barton

1990 - James Harvey

1991 - Greg Reeves

1992 - Peter Cameron

1993 - Karen Cabic

1994 - Ted Brock

1995 - Geoff Reeves

1996 - Norman Kalinski

1997 - Greg Ferguson

1998 - Calvin Hanson

1999 - Linda Whitney

2000- Geoff Reeves

2001 - Jane Morrell

2002 - Michael Carpenter

2003 - Ted Brock

2004 - Loretta Brown

2005 - Steve Davis

2006 - Greg Reeves

2007 - Conky Price

2008 - Sandra Johnson

2009 - Conky Price

2010 - Terri Travers

2011 - Geoff Reeves

2012 - Scott Benjamin

2013 - Gayle Lampe

2014 - Jennifer Attonen

2015 -  Geoff Reeves

In 1996 the Sunrise Morgan Horse Show was established to provide Morgan owners with a second CMHA pointed Morgan Show in the province. It was a 1 day outdoor show held at the Sunrise Saddle Club Show Grounds, Wassis Road outside Fredericton. In 2001 the show moved to the Princess Louise Show Park in Sussex where it became a two day show. We joined forces with the Atlantic Arabian Horse Association in 2003 to hold a joint show with classes for both breeds. In 2005 the New Brunswick Morgan Horse Club took full responsibility, changed the name to the Sunrise Summer Classic Horse Show. Provided an Equine Canada sanctioned show with Morgan and Arabian divisions. In 2009 the Arabian portion became an Arabian Horse Association Region 18 qualifying show, from 2012 - 2014. In 2015 the AHA status was dropped.

Sunrise Summer Classic Horse Show Judges

1996 - Gail Venoit

1997 - Shirley Campbell

1998 - Greg Reeves

1999 - Cancelled

2000 - Not Held

2001 - Linda Whitney

2002 - Marc Desoutels

2003 - Theresa Ter-Hoek

2004 - Scott Benjamin

2005 - Dottie Brittingham

2006 - Linda Whitney

2007 - Cheryl Marcelones

2008 - Christine Cassenti

2009 - Janet Henderson

2010 - Shirley Arndt

2011 - Jill Barton

2012 - Terry Johnson

2013 - Larry Thurber

2014 - Greg Reeves

2015 - David Brent

2016 - Jennifer Sullivan 

Morgan Demonstration Day

From the records I have found in 1983 the first Morgan Demonstration Day was held in Shediac Cape at Birchgrove Stables owned by the Harvey Hamilton and son Ron. Club members were invited to bring their Morgan Horses to demonstrate the versatile ability of the breed to the public. The records I have indicate the event was held there till 1985. The demonstration day which started as a promotional event also became a social gathering for the club members with supper social time at the end of the day. The last one held was in 2005 with the last before that being in 2000. The Club found time, money and energy is spent more efficiently promoting the Morgan Horse at Equine Review and the Agricultural Producers of New Brunswick Open Farm Day.

1983 - 1985 - Birchgrove Stables - Hamilton Family - Shediac Cape

1990 - 1991 - Stanley

1992 - St. Marie

1994 - Windy Cove Morgans - McDonough Family - Bouctouche

1995 - 1996 - Meadow Maple Morgans - Cunningham Family -Sussex

1997 - 1998 - Meadow View Morgans - Saunders Family - Petitcodiac

1999 - Valley Horse and Pony Club - Bridges Family - Beardsley

2000 - Jean Northrup's - Hampton

2005 - Birchgrove Stables - Hamilton Family - Shediac Cape


Newsletters were originally sent out 4 times a year at present there are 2 E-Blast Newsletters sent each year.

Newsletter Editors:

Diane Harding

Margaret Girouard

Sylvia Saunders

Faye Lloyd

Jacklyn Darling

Natalie Worth

Kelly MacDonald-Mason

Dawn D Brown

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