New Brunswick Morgan Horse Club



Sunrise Summer Classic Horse Show

This Show was established in 1996 to provide Morgan owners with a second CMHA pointed Morgan Show in the province. It was a 1 day outdoor show held at the Sunrise Saddle Club Show Grounds, Wassis Road outside Fredericton.

In 2001 the show moved to the Princess Louise Show Park in Sussex where it became a two day show. We joined forces with the Atlantic Arabian Horse Association in 2003 to hold a joint show with classes for both breeds.

In 2005 the New Brunswick Morgan Horse Club took full responsability providing an Equine Canada sanctioned show with Morgan and Arabian divisions. The name was changed to the Sunrise Summer Classic Horse Show.

In  2009 the Arabian portion became an Arabian Horse Association Region 18 qualifying Show.

In 2013 an All Breed non sanctioned division was added and in 2014 a Miniture Horse driving division was added to this division. 

In 2105 the Arabian portion returned to being an EC Bronze competition without AHA sanctioning.

In 2016 the Sunrise Summer Classic became the only competition the club would organize. The show offered Morgan and Arabian divisions which were sanctioned EC Bronze. An All Breed non sanctioned division which included Small Equine and Miniture Horse classes was included.

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Sunrise Summer Classic Horse Show Judges since 1996

1996 - Gail Venoit

1997 - Shirley Campbell

1998 - Greg Reeves

1999 - Cancelled

2000 - Not Held

2001 - Linda Whitney

2002 - Marc Desoutels

2003 - Theresa Ter-Hoek

2004 - Scott Benjamin

2005 - Dottie Brittingham

2006 - Linda Whitney

2007 - Cheryl Marcelones

2008 - Christine Cassenti

2009 - Janet Henderson

2010 - Shirley Arndt

2011 - Jill Barton

2012 - Terry Johnson
2013 - Larry Thurber
2014 - Greg Reeves
2015 - David Brent
2016 - Jennifer Sullivan
2017 -